Best Travel Image

– National Geographic 2020

When National Geographic Traveller recently announced the “Best travel images of 2020” – where the editors have chosen their personal favorite photography published in the magazine during the year – my image from Vietnam is among the top selected, and also cover image for the whole story. As a travel photographer just to work with National Geographic, was a dream come true. And then to get this incredible recognition already the first year, makes me insanely proud and grateful.

The awarded image was photographed some many years ago in Hoi An, Vietnam. I was strolling down the narrow streets of the old city when I saw this setting – a charming barber shop. For me his happy face smiling through the green curtains of his front glassless window, reflects the spirit and soul of Hoi An, this rough and charming jewel of the east.

• Published in National Geographic Traveller September 2020. The story on Vietnam was originally photographed on assignment for Expressen.