Kalahari, Botswana

– Bush walk with unexpected company

Remember the movie “The Gods must be crazy”, which was about a coke bottle falling from the sky into the secluded environment of the San People bush men in the Kalahari desert. Well; now they might have a new saying; “The swede must be crazy”…

During an assignment in Botswana, I was invited by the lodge to join a group of San People on an afternoon bush walk over the Kalahari. The San is one of the last remaining indigenous people on earth, who still lives more or less according to ancients traditions and costume. Throughout this walk they shared their skills as hunter and gatherer when it comes to survive in this harsh environment – digging for roots, setting traps, hunting etc.

I´m all rapt by their gentle but yet expressive behavior. In fact, I´m so focused on getting great images, I don´t notice they are becoming a bit uneasy. We have reached an open plain, and I just want to get a few more shots during the sunset. The bushmen click-sounds intensify. But I am also clicking away, with the camera.

Finally the guide pokes my shoulder and looks at me with skeptical eyes.
– There are seven lions walking across the plain towards us, just 100 meters away. If you take one more shot, you might end up as their dinner.

• On assignment for Mongabay, Skylife, Omvärlden, RES and HBL among others.