Senja, Norway

– Night adventures in midnight sun

It´s almost midnight when we slide the kayaks in to the Atlantic. Most people are asleep in their hotel beds, but our day has just begun. And to be honest, it never ended.

I was on assignment at Senja in northen Norway with a colleague and friend – and our idea was to do outdoor adventures in the middle of the night. Insane? Not in this hemisphere, above the polar circle, where the sun shines 24-7 during summer.
In this enchanted land of the midnight sun, we are blessed with “golden hour” and magic light all night.

And as a bonus; we have it all to ourselves.
Senja is yet another norwegian wonderland pocked with astounding towering mountain peaks and ridges, rising right out of the sea – and it is starting to attract crowds. But in the middle of the night, it´s just us and nature.

When we start hiking up the mountains, the last people are coming down. When we paddle the archipelago of Bergsfjorden – with turquoise waters and white beaches – there is not another boats in sight. We are alone with the grandeur, silence and sun – which gives a richer more devout and otherworldly connection with being.

One slight downside though; lack of sleep. By the time we are done working, it´s time to rise and shine. And frankly, it´s already to hot in the tent to sleep anyway.

• Assignment for Utemagasinet and NORR.