For over 30 years Roger Borgelid has worked on assignments for some of the leading magazines in Scandinavia, as well as for global destinations and international press. Here is a selection of his most significant clients and their testimonials.

National Geographic Traveller

Since 2020 Roger is a contributor in Traveller, with images published from Vietnam, Iceland, Tobago and Namibia. When National Geographic Traveller recently announced the “Best travel images of 2020” – where the editors have chosen their personal favorite photography published in the magazine during the year – the image from Vietnam was among the top selected, and also cover image for this section.


Roger is a senior contributor for Utemagasinet, the leading outdoor magazine in Scandinavia. He is assigned all year round for both adventure features and portraits.

“We absolutely love working with Roger. He has a special eye, he sees things that the rest of us don’t. I think that’s why you often get the feeling that his scenes are vivid and genuine, whether it’s a person or a landscape. This means that you can expect top notch quality all the way. For him, a good shot is not enough – Roger doesn’t settle until he’s got the best possible one in any given situation.”

• Marie Kjellnäs – editor in chief

West Sweden Tourist Board

In 2015 Roger was assigned to create the entire image stock for the tourist board outdoor segment, containing hundreds of images from Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland. Collaboration is still ongoing.

“Roger Borgelid has a extraordinary talent and a genuine desire to create images beyond the obvious, images that speak to all your senses. Over the years his photography has been frequently used by highly reputed international magazines, which has attracted new global visitors. We also covered our office walls with Roger´s images, as fine art prints.”

• Ann-Charlotte Carlsson – director marketing & communications


For more than 30 years Roger has been a frequent contributor for Vagabond, the largest travel magazine in Scandinavia, providing features in both text and photography from all over the world.

“Vagabond has high expectations when we assign photographers and Roger has always fulfilled them. His images express curiosity, varmth and a genuine joy to explore. As a bonus, Roger is also a great writer”

• Fredrik Brändström – editor in chief


The exclusive travel magazine RES has regularly assigned Roger during the last decade, with features and covers from Tobago, Borneo, Zanzibar, Abu Dhabi and Galapagos, among others.

“Roger Borgelid is a highly accomplished photographer who has an ability to conjure magic in his images and capture the most magnificent features of a destination. Roger is also reliable and pleasant to work with”

• Kajsa Beausang – editor in chief

Visit Värmland

Roger finally had the opportunity to work with his home destination – creating images for an outdoor campaign in Värmland, Dalsland and Norway.

“Working with Roger is both easy and fun. He is diligent and responsive, and has the ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. After a photo session, one of the models we used, exclaimed; “Roger, what a star! Damn I liked him”. This quality is of course also reflected in the images.”

• Jenny Norén – marketing manager

Destination Funäsfjällen

Since 2005 Roger has been assigned by the destination, both as photographer and journalist – working with projects, campaigns and their magazine.

“Working with Roger is always a pleasure. He masters the art of capturing moments, the delicate combination being an artist and at the same time deliver accurate material on a given assignment. He has a thoroughness, tonality and touch, which gives his images an ability to raise emotions. As a bonus, he is likable and easy to work with.”

• Josefin Torenfält – marketing & communications

A-magasinet Aftenposten

Eminent enclosed weekend magazine in the biggest Norwegian newspapers, where Roger has been occasionally published since 2007. The feature on sugarcane workers in Brazil, who risk their lives in their “duty for green energy”, aroused big attention in Norway

“The story on sugarcane workers in Brazil is a great example of the type of features we like to publish in our magazine. The workers drudgery and often fatal outcome to produce “green energy” touched our hearts. Roger cares – and therefore so do we.”

• Lene Skogsström – editor in chief

GP Två Dagar

Highly reputed weekend issue of the largest daily morning paper in western Sweden, which has published Roger´s stories since 2009. Features on travel, outdoor adventures and portraits

“Roger Borgelid captures the likes of the seas, bays, woods and trails on home soil – as well as he brings us to foreign places abroad that most people just dream about. He has the gift to depict the magnificence of nature – the colors, shapes and depths – both the small and the grandeur.”

• Hanna Tornbrant – editor Två Dagar

Dagens Nyheter

Swedens biggest daily newspaper has published Roger´s stories and images for the last 30 years.

“Roger always brings back professional first class material, both images and text”

• Helena Sjödin Öberg – former editor travel section

Modus Advokater

Law firm in Norrköping who decorated parts of their office with some of Roger´s powerful portraits from Africa and Asia

“At our firm we have a strong belief in equal value of all humans – and that´s why I just love Roger´s portraits. It doesn´t matter where they live and who they are – which ethnicity, sex, age, religion, social class or occupation they have – Roger capture them all with the same warm curiosity and dignity. Unique faces that at the same time tell you mutual stories of joy, struggle, sorrow, life and love. I would say Roger´s portraits are powerful testimonies the equal value of human kind. That we are all one people.”

• Johanna Bergman – lawyer and co-owner

Outdoor magazine Germany

Leading outdoor magazine in Germany, frequently publishing Roger´s images from Scandinavia since 2018

”Roger is one of the Scandinavian photographers who has the talent to capture moments. Perfect for our magazine.”

• Alexandra Gutierrez – photo editor

Mary Ellen Mark

“There is a transcendental feeling to your work. Some of your images are otherworldly. They go beyond what you see, beyond what they are”

• Portfolio review with late iconic National Geographic photographer