– fine art project and exhibition

As a travel photographer I´ve been to almost 100 countries all over the world. But one of my greatest photographic adventures, was a journey within myself – going through my children. Some years ago – inspired by one of my favorite photographers of all time, Sally Mann – I turned my photographic focus to my own children

At first it was random snapshots capturing their summer holidays. But pretty soon the project turned into something else, with much more depth to it. I was shooting the elusive borderland between fiction and fact – that enchanted timeless wonderland of fantasia we all indulge in as kids, but loose when we grow old. So I started to consciously explore this forgotten territory – and then realized I was actually re-creating fragments out of my own childhood. Fears and memories. Regret and desire. Light and darkness.

After two years of shooting, it all landed in Shadowlands – a voyage into my own shadows. Shadowlands was my first complete body of fine art work and was exhibited at RALF Gallery in Stockholm 2014.

“There is a condensed shimmer of mystic in these images, which is existential. A tenderness and sensitivity for light and lack of light. A poetic fever” – Anders Petersen, legendary Swedish art photographer