North Island, Seychelles

– undressing in heavy rainfall

Sometimes my ambition to do basically anything for a great photograph, takes absurd proportions. Including getting half naked in a tropical rainstorm under attack from “Batman”.

On this particular day on North Island in the Seychelles it was complete overcast the whole day. Everything was grey and flat. But I still climbed that hill over the west beach of the island, relying on the fact that patience is often rewarded.

After a short while weather did change – for the worse. Rain was starting to pour down from the black sky, wind picking up. But instead of returning to luxurious villa and drinks, I took off my shirt to cover the camera and my shorts to put underneath it (for support on the slippery rock). Flying bats was swirling alarmingly close to my head and I was sitting there in just my underwear, soaking wet and fully alive.

And just before sundown there was a slight gap in the sky (as I was imagine) and for a minute the whole scene turned into magic. Took the shot for ten seconds to get the motion of the ocean and rainfall.

• Assignment for Vagabond and several environmental magazines