Alicia Vikander

– before she became a Hollywood star

In 2010 I had the opportunity to portrait upcoming actress Alicia Vikander. She had just made a strong debut in a swedish movie called ”To that which is beautiful” and my angle was Alicia might be our next big movie star. I had at the time of course no idea how big.

The director of this movie Ella Lemhagen, had told me before the shooting, that she found Alicia having her own universe, in the sense of having a unique and otherworldly aura. So first I had this idea of shooting her surrounded by soap bubbles, where the bubbles would symbolize planets.

But after a while I realized that I didn´t need any effect to capture and express that. Alicia´s unique and now legendary talent to express emotions with subtle shades in her face and eyes, was enough. Her soulful expression was her own universe.

• Assignment for GP Två Dagar.